Retail theft is a community problem that affects everyone. Theft accounts for a third of all crime and results in consumers paying $367 more for goods each year, as well as creating unsafe situations for staff and customers.

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"Shoplifting is an entry-level crime, which leads to more dangerous criminal activities."

British Retail Consortium

How can we reduce retail crime?

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"Crime is not random. We can stop it."

Deputy Commissioner, NZ Police


Our cloud-based platform streamlines the crime reporting and evidence gathering process. We transform this information into accessible, real-time intelligence, empowering retailers and Police to prevent crime.

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What others say about us

  • "Overall, a great use of technology for a positive crime prevention initiative providing some great results to the retail community."

    Inspector, NZ Police

  • "Eyedentify is a simple, effective and efficient platform that supports our prevention strategies and improving team member engagement in prevention and safety."

    National Loss Prevention Manager - Large Retailer

  • "The way you combat things is by sharing information, because knowledge is power."

    Inspector, NZ Police District Prevention Manager

  • "[Using Eyedentify,] recidivists could be stopped before their offending snowballed and when they were caught, it was easy for police to collate evidence against them."

    Sunday Star Times

  • "Eyedentify is GOLD."

    Store Manager

Our Story

We are passionate about using technology to solve big problems. Once we found out that retail theft cost NZ retailers over $2 million each day and saw the massive ongoing costs to society, we knew we had found a major problem that needed a solution. And our research showed that previous approaches of reacting to theft - catching crooks and locking them up - has had no effect in reducing retail crime.

We started speaking to retailers and the Police to understand how they combated the problem currently. We found that efforts were typically fragmented and reactive, retailers often didn't know who the prolific shoplifters were and when they were in the area, and the process to report an incident was complex and time consuming. We decided there had to be a better way - a smarter and more proactive approach - to prevent shoplifting.

We assembled a talented bunch of people with expertise in software engineering, database management, data analytics and law to develop a solution to a problem that many people said could not be solved. Our goal is to reinvent the way retailers and Police work together to prevent shoplifting.

We have found that real-time intelligence is the key to preventing and reducing retail crime. We started by taking the hassle out of reporting crime and evidence gathering, meaning that a process which used to take hours now only takes 10 minutes – allowing retailers to get back to making sales and helping customers. Because it is easy and quick to report incidents, retailers and Police now have much better information about retail crime. Our platform transforms this information into actionable intelligence to help retailers and Police work together to prevent crime rather than reacting to it.

Obviously retail crime is not just a local problem - in Australia last year, it was estimated that $7.8 billion was lost to retail theft, and worldwide it is estimated to be over $100 billion. So now we are embarking on the ambitious task of taking our solution to the world, helping all retailers and
Police to prevent crime.

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